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Postalco Wheel Printed Spiralbook A5- Multiple

Color: Multiple

Limited edition notebooks made with hand mixed and selected colors. Hand cranked through a printing press. Irregular patterns in these notebooks are all part of the hand-made nature of these one of a kind printed items.

The Postalco Wheel Printer was invented by Mike Abelson of Postalco. Lime Green, Cream & Pink/Yellow/Blue, and Cream & Sea Blue are all special edition items available only at Creatures of Comfort.

"What is the Postalco Wheel Printer?

It started with an interest in the wheel. We wondered, 'If a bicycle's tires had ink on them, what kind of marks would they make? If each car and bike wheel passing through a busy intersection had differently colored inked wheels what kind of marks would they all make together?' There might be unpredictable and beautiful patterns. With that image in mind, Postalco set to making a printing machine that uses wheels. The Wheel Printer is a configuration of different wheels attached in rows. Each wheel is inked, and when a notebook or sheet of paper passes through the wheels it leaves colored ink patterns."

1mm x 1mm grid graph paper. Notepad measures 8.75" x 6.75".

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